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Life is Like Us #86 - Conversations

Scott Patrick Erwin

September 13, 2022

Do you wish you could have conversations that may never be had? Do you have people that you may never talk to again, either by their choice or yours? Do you have situations that you just do not know how to begin to redeem or to let go? I sure do. It is tragically sad to have a relationship in life that may never be resolved after a difficult division.

It is the nature of life for relationships to end - acquaintances, friendships, best friends, marriages, family, etc. Humans are inherently imperfect, things happen, decisions are made, life is experienced, and we each have the stories and interpretations of those experiences in our heads of what those situations mean to us. We think we know the whole story. But invariably we do not. We only have our own perspective, the perspectives of the voices around us at the time, and the interpretations we have made about those perspectives.

Life is a challenge and then you die. Memento Mori. Some days are good. Some days are bad. If you ride out the bad days and let them pass, you can allow the good days to come again. If you remember the good days while journeying through the bad days, it is easier to keep going toward more good days. Humans are resilient that way. Unfortunately, we do not always understand the meaning and relevance of each moment as we experience them. However, we can get caught in the narrative in our head that the bad moments were a life sentence. I can assure you they are not. Let the feelings go.

Life is the sum of the stories we tell ourselves, in our heads, over and over, again and again, everyday. And our head, our ego, our own personal perspective is almost always deficient of the entire story. Your perspective is valid, however, your perspective is inherently deficient, because often, your perspective is filtered through the pain and hurts of your ego. Allow for forgiveness. Allow for grace. Allow for healing. Allow for yourself to reinterpret your perspectives. Your spirit will be better for it. And maybe, the opportunity for that conversation will come again.

Becauseā€¦Life is Like Us.